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Where it all started.

Swati Khatuwala is a graduate in Lifestyle Accessories from NIFT. Straight out of college with a mind swirling with ideas, Swati wanted to stand out of the norm of perfection and similarity in Fashion. Kira was born out of taking inspiration from the movement, flow and imperfections in nature. 

Designed and handmade especially for you.

Kira is designed for the modern, young person. Lightweight yet classy, unique and modern, wearing these pieces of jewelry is like wearing art. Each piece is handmade making it distinctly unique from the next. Jewelry that makes you be one with nature and all its movements while also looking fabulous.

A team that works together, stays together.

Working in collaboration for better results.

First, I have a discussion with my karigars about the kind of jewelry I’d like to make. Accordingly, I design on paper with the utmost detail. I then sit with them and start making the masterpieces. The karigars always give their inputs while making which always makes the design better. While handcrafting, so much detail comes into consideration, that the final product is always a bit different from what had been drawn on paper.

Pieces made with experienced hands.

I work with two local artisans. They are originally from Bengal, but are settled in Jaipur. They have 20 years of experience in making jewellery. We work with silver, brass & copper mainly, we also like to explore and design with other materials like glass, resin, wood, ceramic etc.

Wear it Proud


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