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Our latest collection, Lyn, is all about linear shapes and the flow of lines, a departure from the heavier, textured pieces that we've done before. It explores the beauty in the duality between the sturdy, solid piece of metal and the soft, organic, fluid shape it can be formed into. The bold and statement aesthetic is still present, but, with a cleaner and more sophisticated approach.

Zodiac - initials

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Jahnavi Kapoor in the Chunky double drops



Embrace imperfection

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Kiara Advani in the fluid hoops

Pieces of art, frozen in time

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Handcrafted with love

The Pearl chandeliers are one of a kind - each pair is painstakingly handcrafted, and needless to say looks like a party of its own. The flow of the branches and raw, freshwater pearls make each piece unique and different from the rest.

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